Croydon Road Safety have arranged for four pop-up bike markets to be hosted in some of our borough’s parks for Bike Week.
What’s a pop-up bike market?
Members of the public can buy or sell second-hand bikes at any of the markets. The idea is to create affordable stock for local communities. Those who cannot afford a brand-new bike from larger retailers have the chance to purchase a second-hand, working bike. Some people have bikes in storage that their children have outgrown, or just an older bike of theirs gathering rust where it’s not used. These people can bring their bikes to the market - Peddle My Wheels will provide basic maintenance then sell on the bikes at a reduced price. Once bikes are sold, Peddle My Wheels pay the seller direct after taking a small commission. In essence, this model helps to ‘recycle’ bicycles within the community.
Please see the attached flyer for info and dates. People looking for an adult bike or would like to enquire about specific sizes should use the market order form -