RE at St Nicholas

What does RE look like at St Nicholas?

At St Nicholas we strongly believe that Religious Education is an integral part of the basic school curriculum as it gives the children opportunity to learn about the nature of religious beliefs and practices as well as the importance and influence of these in the lives of believers. Further, it makes a vital contribution to the spiritual, moral and cultural development of pupils by promoting commitment, open mindedness, respect, self-esteem, appreciation and wonder.

We aim to promote a caring and stimulating environment in which the children are encouraged to develop a respect for themselves and others while co-operating with adults and children alike. We plan our Religious Education curriculum in accordance with the Croydon Agreed Syllabus, linking where possible to the WQUALS scheme of work. We ensure that the topics studied in RE built upon prior learning and ensure that there is planned progression built into the scheme of work. We help the children learn from religions as well as about religions while enabling them to experience and to develop a knowledge of not only Christianity but other major world religions and faiths as well.

Early Years (Reception, Year 1 and Year 2): RE is delivered thought topics and objectives are takes from the PSED and Understanding of the World areas of the EYFS curriculum. RE in the Foundation Stage is about celebrating religions and festivals and exposing the children to the values and beliefs of others.

Key Stage 2: Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Judaism and Sikhism. At St Nicholas the curriculum is delivered through discrete lessons taught either weekly or fortnightly.