Our vision for St Nicholas is a school in which:

  • Children receive every opportunity to develop intellectually, physically, aesthetically, socially, emotionally and spiritually.
  • Children are able to achieve their full potential regardless of ability or needs.
  • Work in all areas of the curriculum shows clear continuity and progression, is regularly of a good standard and is often outstanding.
  • Children and adults’ attitudes towards one another are based on genuine care and mutual respect.
  • Children’s contributions are valued, they have high self esteem and feel safe to make mistakes from which they can learn.
  • Regular opportunities are taken to celebrate children’s achievements.
  • Classrooms are attractive, stimulating, well organised and planned in such a way as to encourage curiosity, learning and independence.
  • The wider school environment is attractive, well maintained and stimulating and provides areas to accommodate various learning, social and play needs.
  • Children behave well because they respect each other and they want to be valued in a positive way.
  • The children’s education benefits from a successful working partnership between children, parents, staff, governors and the local community.
  • Parents perceive a clear sense of purpose, an exciting, challenging and fulfilling education for their child which enables them to flourish, and the opportunity to work in harmony with the school.
  • All staff participate in a continuous process of professional development which celebrates successes and which identifies opportunities for further development and improvement.
  • Staff and children have access to a wide range of quality resources which are well used to support their learning and personal development.
  • The diversity of the community is celebrated.
  • Staff from a range of disciplines work closely together to deliver the best strategies to support each child.
  • A warm, friendly and welcoming atmosphere is always to be found.