Outreach Supporting Inclusion

St Nicholas is able to offer outreach to mainstream schools across Croydon. This is part of a service provided by other Croydon Special Schools.

Outreach is usually focused on one or two children in a mainstream school who need additional advice. After making an initial referral using the referral form we will contact you to make an assessment and offer advice and support

Please note that Outreach provsion is no longer subsidised by Croydon so a basic package of support which includes a visit to St Nicholas and 2 visits to your school will cost £195.

To make a request for outreach please email the school:


Croydon Special Schools


Croydon’s Continuum of Provision supports collaborative partnership with schools to remove the barriers to learning through building capacity, capability and confidence in our schools.

Purpose and Focus of Outreach:

Outreach will support whole school development to enable each learner to achieve their full potential by:

Building capacity in mainstream schools/settings to support staff to work with children with SEN & disability

Promoting inclusive practice for all learners

Celebrate and share good practice across Croydon

Our vision for outreach:

  • Part of a seamless approach for all learners with SEND
  • Supports Croydon’s continuum of provision
  • Develops and ensures a better understanding of including all learners
  • Supports additional services which enable schools to be inclusive
  • Respects the distinct professional contributions made by each school/service

Supporting outreach activities may include one or more of the following:

  • Advice on teaching approaches (communication/behaviour)
  • Advice on curriculum content and design
  • Advice on differentiation of the curriculum
  • Physical resources/equipment sharing/showcasing
  • Consultancy/modelling/coaching/work shadowing
  • Advice on programmes, resources and techniques
  • Risk assessments/ advice on safety

Outreach is NOT about:

  • Crisis intervention
  • Separate 1:1 work with an individual learner
  • Securing a place in special school or a statement of SEN
  • Part time placement in a special school
  • Replacing support or advice already in place

Outreach providers will:

  • Have a commitment to collaborative working
  • Possess a good knowledge of specialist knowledge/expertise in the particular need
  • Work effectively with different colleagues and recognise challenges
  • Agree expected outcomes/success criteria and timescales for work to take place
  • Evaluate work undertaken

Receiving schools will:

  • Be clear about the purpose of the outreach request
  • Liase with parents about the work being undertaken
  • Be committed to building whole school capacity
  • Evaluate work undertaken with outreach provider
  • Commit appropriate time and personnel to do the work
  • Provide key liaison person

Effective Outreach will:

  • Have a planned approach
  • Be time limited
  • Positively impact upon practice in schools
  • Positively impact on attainment and achievement of learners
  • Promote and support the inclusion of vulnerable learners
  • Build capacity in schools
  • Involve working with parents to implement news strategies1