Maths at St Nicholas

What does Maths look like at St Nicholas?

In St Nicholas School, pupils receive a broad and balanced Mathematics curriculum that encourages development in their confidence, independence and life skills. Teaching and Learning of Mathematics is consolidated and mastered rather than progression quickly through key skills. This supports the sequencing of skills for children. Learning is sequenced, consolidated and builds on prior learning.  

Our pupils have a passion and love of Maths that we encourage and enhance with our creative curriculum. We celebrate Maths in many different ways, for example National Numeracy Day and Number Day for NSPCC this year, dressing number in number-related outfits.  

In St Nicholas School we base our learning on the scheme White Rose Maths for each year group. White Rose Maths helps children develop their conceptual understanding of mathematics by using concrete objects, pictorial representations and abstract thinking. This inclusive approach is based on the principles of cognitive psychology and child development. In our school the fundamental use of manipulatives helps our children to engage and retain mathematical concepts in a purposeful, fun and interactive way. 

Practical resources are a key part of learning and scaffolding Maths for our children at St Nicholas School. We use a range of practical resources, for example counters, cubes, Numicon, dienes, number lines, 100 squares and any object that can be used for calculations. We ensure resources can be personalised to intrigue, engage and inspire a love of learning Maths. Our creative curriculum ensures maths skills are practised on a daily basis to consolidate learning. For mastery levels, we teach written methods alongside the manipulatives. This helps with learners conceptual understanding as well as the fluency in Maths. 

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