Ofsted Report

We are proud to share our final Ofsted report with you. St Nicholas School remains Good as a result of our ungraded inspection in February. However, we will require a Graded inspection in 18-24 months’ time to ensure changes that we are putting in place with our Curriculum and Communication reflect a Good grade.

When I took over as Head Teacher in September 2021, my goal was to ensure that our school motto, ‘Learning Together’, was at the heart of everything we do. Our motto encompasses the collaborative approach to helping our special pupils achieve to their full potential, and this was reflected by one comment made by a parent, ‘It feels like the staff are raising my child with me’. In discussing what it is like to attend our school, the report writes ‘Pupils gain confidence, make friends and enjoy their education. The warm and trusting relationships that staff foster with pupils ensure that pupils feel safe. Parents and carers inspectors spoke to agreed that their children flourish here’.

I want to take this opportunity to say “thank you and well done” to the amazing staff at the school. Our pupils do so well because of their passion and dedication to the school. I also want to thank the parents who completed the survey and the group of parents who spoke to the inspector.

The next steps identified in the report are areas that the school had already identified in its School Development Plan and Self Evaluation. We are excited to be working on these areas and plans have already been put in place for school improvement.

Katie Goodwin
Head Teacher

Please click here to read the report.